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    Ms Dianne Allen is the Founder of Visions Applied, tools for Gifted Individuals.

Empath Empowerment Mastermind

Learn How to Use Your Empath Nature to Thrive Without Changing Who You Are

  • Have you ever felt misunderstood as a result of your sensitivities?

  • Are you more sensitive than your friends and family?

  • Do you "feel" things that others do not?

  • Can you "feel" the pain of others without trying to feel pain?

  • Do you wish you have a tool box of skills to help you deal with your sensitivities? 

This Empath Empowerment Mastermind is for you!

  • Do you want to feel empowered when in emotionally charged situations?

  • Will being able to easily identify your feelings and being able to deal with them effectively make your life better?

  • Do you want to have a deeper understanding of your gifts and have a personal tool box of ways to manage your gifts?

What Participants are Saying

I didn't know empath was a thing until I met you. Now, I understand myself and am happy. Thank You.                   -- Susan E.

I thought being an empath was more of a curse than a gift. I thought everyone felt this level of pain. You showed me the gift and gave me the tools to end overwhelming feelings. I have useful tools that work now! What a relief it is.                                             -- Ruth A.

My sensitivities to others' pain made me think I was going crazy. I could not shake the feeling of defeat and dread. After working with you, I have tools and ability to use them effectively to manage. The depression, fear and anxieties are gone. I am so grateful. Thank you for sticking with me during the challenging times.                         -- Mandi D.

Empath Empowerment Mastermind Process

​The Empath Empowerment System systematically offers real strategies for coping with and transcending the intense experiences of being an empath that can cause Empath Distress Disorder. This mastermind is designed with education, dialogue, discussion and practice with the focus of raising awareness, developing needed skills and growing in confidence.

  • Our Customized 6 month mastermind is a focused system that builds on your strengths as you develop skills to master your life and live your vision.


  • Zoom meetings will be held on Tuesdays starting May 7 on through October 15 on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Eastern Time. Sessions will be recorded and posted in private Facebook group. You are encouraged to attend the calls live.

  • 1 – Individual 50-minute meeting per month for targeted and personalized guidance, support and direction.

  • Empowered Empath Electronic Resource Guide

  • Private Facebook group for sharing, skill development, support, encouragement and additional information and tools

$5500 USD