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    Ms Dianne Allen is the Founder of Visions Applied, tools for Gifted Individuals.

Hope Realized Essences

Inspirational Essence

5ml - Amber Bottle.    $8.95


Meditation Essence

5ml - Amber Bottle.    $8.95


Intuition Essence

5ml - Amber Bottle.    $8.95

Certified Organic Essential Oils Only

My gift to those who would like to use the miraculous energy of plants and flowers in their meditation, daily mantra and prayers.

Dianne Allen

The Meditation Essence is for those who want to enter a deeper meditation with lavender oil, while saying your mantras.

The Inspirational Essence is for those who want to be energized and inspired with orange, juniper and lemon zest!

For those who want to use the essence of frankincense to connect to the spirit and intuition, Intuition Essence

Dianne Allen